Temporary Staffing

For Construction

Whether your construction project is a manufacturing facility, a commercial development or a disaster cleanup, SMI Safety will provide on-site safety professionals that are carefully matched to your requirements: Supervisors or technicians; a few hours a week or twenty-four hours a day; three weeks or three years.

The flexibility we offer lets you budget safety as a job cost, allowing you to respond to spike demands with complete confidence that your job site safety will be competently managed.

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Temporary Staffing Construction hardhat or factory helmet at factory warehouse. safety headwear with copy space

For General Industry

If you need help implementing a special project or a shutdown / turnaround; if you’ve identified specific hazards in your facility that require process safety management; or if you just need to supplement your in-house safety staff to help identify hazards and prevent harmful incidents, SMI Safety will provide experienced safety professionals with the right backgrounds for your needs.

Our business is helping you ensure a safe workplace as your business evolves… without adding to your overhead burden.

Our temporary staffing services include:


  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Disaster Restoration


General Industry

  • Special projects
  • Shutdown/turnaround
  • Process Safety Management (PSM)