About You

You need a safety professional either full or part time and don't wish to hire additional staff

Many of our clients have the need for a safety professional which can't be met by existing staff. In today’s economic climate, no one wants to add permanent staff for what may be a limited time. That's why SMI Safety is here.

We can provide you with safety professionals for three weeks or three years – with the experience to meet your specific needs. Additionally we provide backup staff to cover illness or unexpected absences ensuring your safety program is consistent and reliable.

Your in-house safety staff keeps turning over and you need to have a consistent team to meet your needs

Turnover of safety staff always happens at the wrong time. Many of our clients have found themselves exposed while scrambling to find the "right" replacement. For some, we were able to provide an interim solution while they went through the hiring process.

Others realized that in retaining SMI Safety they got the experience and professionalism they needed, and our outsourced solution became their permanent answer. We also have backup staff to cover illness or unexpected absences ensuring your safety program is consistent and reliable.

Your organization does not have a full-time safety professional

Today every business needs to be as efficient as possible. Many companies realize that outsourcing their safety program allows them to be a lean organization. Since SMI Safety only bills for the time you use us, we offer a smart solution to keep your overhead low and yet still have a first-class safety program.

You have an insufficient number of safety personnel to handle the current workload

Let's face it – everyone wants new business, but getting it can create spike demands that your existing safety team just can’t handle. SMI Safety can help you ensure that your projects are safe.

Retaining us to handle the overflow is a smart solution to keeping your employees safe, your safety record in good shape and reducing your exposure. Many of our clients use SMI Safety to meet their needs for the duration of a specific project, or until they can add the staff they need.

Your company needs to have a complete safety program created and implemented

It's not uncommon for a company's safety program to be less thorough than it should be. SMI Safety can help you create a complete written safety program, including proper hands-on implementation and employee training. Or we can just update your existing program to bring you current. Our safety specialists can show you how your safety program can actually cut your costs and improve your work environment.

You need safety training for your employees

Safety training is one of the critical elements of an OSHA-compliant program. Establishing and maintaining a regular training program can often be difficult.

SMI Safety will provide your company with professionals who can help you ensure that your employees are properly trained while keeping the training interesting and helpful for your team. We can provide either a regularly scheduled training program or one that’s designed to meet a specific and limited need.

You have too many vendors working on your sites to keep track of their safety qualifications and insurance status

The more vendors or subcontractors you have, the more exposure you have. In an effort to help our clients minimize that exposure, SMI Safety created an online program that allows you to easily manage key vendor information such as certificates of insurance, current contracts, EMR’s, OSHA recordable incidents, training records and more... reducing the administrative effort, error costs and overhead burden of maintaining these critical records.

You would like an Independent third party to review your safety program and its implementation in your workplace

It never hurts to have someone look over your shoulder to make sure that you’re doing everything in the best possible way – the best athletes in the world regularly use coaches to help them stay on top of their game.

SMI Safety can do the same for your safety program. Our professionals can review your plans, training and historic results with the goal of optimizing safety and profitability. OSHA has even stated that they prefer that safety programs are reviewed by independent third parties. We can help you sleep better by knowing you have an effective program in place.

You need a new safety program designed by experts taking into account the newest laws, protocols and safety standards

As your business expands, you may be taking on new areas of risk. Often times the scope of risk may be in an area outside the expertise or time capabilities of your in-house safety team. Our extensive resources at SMI Safety can supplement your professionals and help take your safety program to the next level.

Let SMI Safety demonstrate how we can save you money while reducing your risk.