Contractor / Vendor Prequalification

Safety prequalification app

Third-party vendors working on your company's property can pose significant risks for your firm: property damage, personal injury, even death. Managing this potential liability can be burdensome – a drag on your staff’s efficiency and productivity. Your liability could even be increased if mistakes are made or inconsistent information is used by different departments. How do you ensure that each potential and existing vendor has the insurance and safety record that meets your corporate standards?

Most companies track critical information about their vendors, including:

  • Certificates of insurance
  • Bonding qualification
  • EMR
  • OSHA recordable incident records
  • Current contracts
  • Scope of work performed
  • Geographic coverage

This information changes constantly; the time and effort it takes to capture and track it can be a costly resource drain. Even then it might not be available to the managers who need it, or when they need it. SMI Safety will help you manage this vital information with a convenient online service that's customized to track the information you need.

Let SMI Safety demonstrate how we can save you money while reducing your risk.

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